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Deformation Motion Blur makes objects render in wrong render layer?
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hash: 97d047a 2014/5/22
Kubuntu 13.04 64bits{F89727}

Ok, this is a total weirdo. I'm attaching the blend file where this happens, but I can't reproduce the error in a new blend. This just started to happen in the file, and I don't know why....well, here it goes...

In the blend you'll see a white plane and an orange plane. They are in different layers and render layers. For some reason, when I you render the scene, the orange plane appears also in the layer corresponding to the white plane, and viceversa.... The behaviour is constant, but can "randomly" disappear if you, for example, delete some of the objects...
I'm blaming deformation Mblur cause this happens when the object in question is deformed. When the object becomes stationary and has no blur applied, it renders in the correct layer.
Also, if you turn off deformation mblur in the object property, it renders correctly.

Well, this is really strange, but I hope that if you debug the scene you will find out what's wrong, may it be for discovering that the blend is corrupt, or for finding a real blender bug.

PS: about the blend being corrupt, I appended the scene into a new blend and had the same behaviour.

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