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Constant detail shoud not allow some options..
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When you activate constant detail while scultpting the options to subdivide collapse, subdivide edges and collapse edges makes not sense (they don't work either so..) to have them activated is a bit confusing when they are activated and do nothing, I now this is an expected behaviour but those tree options should be active only when relative detail is enabled.

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Nope. They are all useful and are functional in both modes. If they are not functional it is a bug and should be demonstrated somehow (test file).

Hello, here I leave an example, try to activate constant detail and then any option from subdivide edges to subdivide collapse, apparently collapse edeges works, but now another option doesn't work, Shade Smooth while sculpting, tested with Blender 2.70-b33d83b-win64

Can't confirm that here, all options seem to work. Can you try opening with factory settings? Maybe there's an option influencing this.

hello, yes, I guess something was bad on my start up file, now it works, thanks

Nice! If you can find what option caused this I will be able to fix the issue.

Hi, this is really strange,it happened again with a fresh buildbot download....I will upload a video showing this anomaly..

Yep, please do, it's serious if something like that can occur

Hello, as promised here is the video showing this anomaly, now with a build from today..2.70-7fb33e5-win64

please watch at 1080

So, my question is....this is an expected behaviour? notice how I check/uncheck the Shade smooth option and nothing happens...

I still can't see the error here. By the way what graphics card do you have there?

This should not be happening at all unless there's some sort of data corruption. All those flags are stored at the same integer in memory. The weird thing is that if the display is correct it's almost impossible for the flags internally to be something else entirely.

Question, are you using buildbot builds? If you are using experimental builds there's a chance someone may have tweaked the flags and made them malfunctioning somehow.

Just for testing purposes I have uploaded a file saved on my machine. Can you test if those options still do not operate?

Apart from graphics card can you give full system specs? (graphics card driver would be good to know but also operating system, CPU, is it 64 bit, memory, etc)

I had issues uploading the file, here it is.

Hello, the error is that Shade Smooth while dynamic sculpting is active doesn't work, simply can't smooth the surface unless I enter to edit mode, select all and shade smooth from specials (w key). And yes I'm using buildbot builds, this doesn't happen in official 2.70a, my system specs are:

OS: Win 7 64Bit SP1
RAM: 16gb
SSD: Samsung 256gb
CPU: FX 8350
GPU: GTX 590 Classified (tested with SLI enabled/disabled) driver latest 337.38

PD. Your uploaded file is still not working on buildbot builds, works on official 2.70a.

I can confirm the issue on official test build.

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Looks like a MSVC only issue, MinGW does not have this.