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Cycles baking: "CUDA error: Launch exceeded timeout in ..."
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System Information and Blender Version

  • The error occurs both on Linux and Windows
    • Linux: Blender build rBb33d83bf51e8, Debian jessie x64, nvidia-glx 331.67-2, nvidia-cuda-toolkit 5.5.22-3 (6.0 not yet available in jessie)
    • Windows: Blender 2.71, Windows 8 64-bit, NVIDIA driver version 337.88 (the most recent ones)

Short description of error
Baking COMBINED pass with Cycles on a GPU does not work for higher number of samples. It fails with a series of errors "CUDA error: Launch exceeded timeout in ...". See


Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Open . It should have number of samples set to 32.
  2. Click 'Bake'. No error should occur.
  3. Change the number of samples to 64.
  4. Click 'Bake'. It should fail with errors described above.

Event Timeline

Yes, I can confirm it. For graphics cards used for display the operating system puts a limit on how long a kernel can run, and if that is exceeded it is cancelled.

The only way to solve this is to split up the baking code so it only computes one sample each time the kernel is called, the same way regular rendering only does one sample at a time. That's quite a bit of work though, and it's a bit late in the release cycle. It may be best to disable CUDA baking for the release.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.May 26 2014, 10:09 PM

Is it possible to bake using multiple kernel invocations? As the timeout is per kernel invocation this could provide a way around this limitation.

Yes, that's what should be done. It's already split now by the number of pixels, but if you have many samples a single pixel can also take long, so it also needs to be split by the number of samples.

I can confirm that as a workaround one can configure BIOS and OS not to use the CUDA device as the display device. At least for Linux. I have not managed to configure Windows not to treat the NVIDIA GPU as a potential display device (even though no display was connected to it).

is this resolved ? I still get cuda error on gtx670 driver ver 340 52
win 8.1 64b

erroe msg: not found cuModule getglobal cumem and cubytes cumodulename when set to rendered mode

@Dan (istavang) this report is related to baking. If you get an error when setting to rendered mode then it's not a baking bug. Please create a new but report for that.