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2.70a UV Editing - "Minimize Stretch" is running as endless(?) loop
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System Information
Win7 64bit Radeon HD 68XX

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Short description of error
The "Minimize Stretch" funktion, once started, is running as an seemly endless loop when it's running the first time. Cursor is captured within the UV Window and the iterations only stop when I leftklick into the window. After this the Tool Option is showing some probeably insane amount of iterations and I can try to find some more appropriate. Following calls of "Minimize Stretch" funktion are limited in iterating, somehow, in a non comprehensible manner.

I know some people telling "it's a feature", but I don't think so.

Greetings, Martin



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Missing blend file and steps to redo.

Just use Minimalize Stretch (CTRL + V) to any UV, it is still looping. It is not bug, but it is not good feature, because if you want change blend parameter it take so long, because there is thousands iterations during few seconds. Something like clamping iteration to 500 would be nice :)

I tried minimize stretch and it works as I'd expect.

General changes/improvements to tool behavior we don't handle in the bug tracker.

This is more in the category of, "it could be improved"

That said, if there is some file which performs especially poorly (maybe it could be considered a bug),
This is why its important to show some example files.

But closing since you say this isn't a bug.

Yes, in generell "Minimize Stretch" works as expected.
It's just this initial behaviour I'm not happy with (running as an endless loop you have to stop manualy), and this is apperent in any blend file.
I agree its not really a bug, just strange behaviour.
Clamping the initial iterations to 1 per default, as it is for other tools using iterations too, would be appropriate I guess. Also even 500 iterations may be acceptable, not sure how long it would take on a high poly UV.

The second point with "Minimize Stretch" is, when I set the iterations to 32 for example, when I'm starting the tool next time the iterations will be clamped to "about randomly 32". Maybe 20 or maybe 40 but why not exactly 32 ?
There's something strange in the behavior of this tool. But of course it's low priority.

Greetings Martin