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Button Context Menus v2
Closed, InvalidPublicPATCH


This patch adds context menus to NUM buts, NUMSLI buts and COL buts.
The menus are shown when clicking the RMB on one of the described button types.
The available options and functionalities vary depending on the nature of the button.

Well.. an image is worth a thousand words, so have a look at this to understand what this is all about:

Basically the available options depend on the range of possible values and the general nature of the button (e.g. percentages are available only on sliders, 'zero' only on buttons which include 0 as a possible value, 'flip to Negative' only on buttons which are able to hold a negative value, color buttons are completly different from the rest).
Any suggestions on the functionality/options/code? I would love to read your comments about this.