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Multi-button dragging/editing glitches
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System Information
Windows 8

Blender Version
Broken: Both 2.70a & latest 2.70.5

Short description of error
Four glitches I've noticed for the wonderful patch D270. I'm not sure if somehow it's just me, but:

  1. "Dimensions" in Properties shelf: a. Dragging over XYZ then moving mouse side to side only affects X and Z values. b. Dragging over XYZ and entering a number doesn't take.
  2. Drag-selecting fields at a slight angle (instead of vertically) only changes the first value if not dragged enough.
  3. Same as above, but when dragged even less so that it asks for a value input, and you cancel out of it, the first value will still be changed.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Each one should be self-explanatory.

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Note issue 1) is known (and hard to fix :/ ).

  1. Dimensions issue is known: T38587
  2. Intentional (needed to detect hoz/vertical motion switching)
  3. Is a bug.

Great, glad to see #3 fixed!
Though I'm not sure #2 isn't a bug. Maybe I should've clarified, but I meant to say the value registers even after the mouse is let go of.
Animated gif to showcase the problem:

I'm not sure if this is a difficult fix, but once multiple fields are selected, the values should all change, not just one.

@KiJeon (0o00o0oo). could you try with a recent build?
Multi-drag for number buttons now only changes button values once its finished detecting weather or not a vertical swipe gesture is made.

Awesome, it behaves exactly as expected now!
I guess the only thing left is the difficult Dimensions issue.

BTW, my apologies for asking here, but I noticed a few contradictions in behavior between multi-dragging the fields and icons. Since it's not really a bug, where should I submit stuff like usability concerns/suggestions?

@KiJeon (0o00o0oo): functionality discussion board,

Note, issue with Dimensions is not a bug in our buttons, the API to access this doesn't work properly setting multiple values at once.