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Bevel Tool - Amount value slider maximum does not adapt to Amount Type settings automaticly (tested in 2.70a and 2.71RC)
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System Information
Win 7 64bit
Radeon HD 6850

Blender Version
2.70a, 2.71RC

The Bevel Tool's "Amount" value slider maximum does not adapt to the "Amount Type" settings automaticly. For example - when I switch the Type from Offset to Percent I can't slide to Values higher than 1 what is the maximum value for the previous "Offset" amount type. Instead I have to set the value per Keyboard, what fortunately works. The newly set value also marks the new maximum value you can set by slider too afterwards.

In my opinion the slider maximum value should be automaticly switched to 100 when the "Amount Type" is switchted to "Percent" and of course also automaticly back to 1 if the "Amount Type" is changed back to any other.

Greetings Martin

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