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"Allign View to selected" works well or fails depending on the order mesh is selected
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Win7 64bit
Radeon HD 6850

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Many times I got issues when using "Allign View to Selected" by now. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not.
Currently I tried to figure out why this is.
It seems to depend on the order mesh is selected if "Allign View to Selected" is working or not. Doesn't matter what is selected at all finally, just the order it is selected in previously counts. Also the problem only appears in vertex or edge select mode but not in face select mode. So it seems only the normal angle of last selected and white highlighted mesh element matters, no matter what will be selected later on. Or if an average value of all selected mesh is calculated, the last selected mesh element counts heavier then the others somehow. And if this last selected vertex or edge is on the "edge" to another normal angle, Allign View does not do what I expect.

I'm a little confused and just not sure about this feature's behavior. Is it strange but just the way it should be ? Or is it a bug ?



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I like to edit my post but apparently can't...
"..., no matter what will be selected later on." Need to be -> "..., no matter what was selected previously"

This in fact aligns to the *Active* data (last selected), rather then the entire selection.

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I did some further tests on "Align View" and active mesh elements and I figured out that a function based on active mesh elements can't run properly. Especially the "Align View" function doesn't do.

  1. A newly added Objekt allready includes an active face, excluded mesh added in edit mode.
  2. A once active face remains active if you deselect all and then e.g. select vertices per border select, even if the previously (but still active) face isn't selected no longer at all.

I've not analyzed the characteristics of active mesh more specifically but I got the impression it's not a good idea to let the "Align View" function be based on active data any longer,
except the active mesh definition itself is broken somehow and needs some fixing.

Greetings Martin

Its not clear what the error here is.

It seems you dont think active data is useful for aligning the view, but the reasons seem like corner cases too, and a bit vague.

This seems more like a design issue, but if you think its a bug, you should give exactly the error and correct behavior.

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With "Align View" based on the aktiv mesh element it is only possible to align to a single vertice, edge or face, but not to a group of mesh selcted. That was already working in 2.49 and since the funktion is still named the same by now, it's possibly just adapted wrong to 2.5 and not noticed by now, I guess.

Yes I think it would be much more useful if the Align tool would work based on selected mesh again so that you can even align the view to an selected mesh groups average normal angle. Not only because it's more useful but also because it's not so easy to mark/recognice mesh as active (e.g. border selection). There are several ways you can select mesh and afterwards the activ mesh is not even apparent.

I think you should see the weaknesses if Align View would remain based on activ mesh.

Greetings Martin

I see your point, wIth vertices its a bit limiting, but edges, faces, bones, objects - it makes sense to use the active item.
It's not really going to give you a useful orientation to align to many vertices, so I think its best to leave as is.

Closing, since this isn't an error in our code.