Page MenuHome does not actually download corresponding CLANG sources for LLVM versions 3.3, 3.4.1, 3.4.2
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Fighting with building Blender on Fedora 20 ( I discovered the following:

Within the corresponding CLANG sources for any respective LLVM version are obtained through the following logic:

--ver-llvm=x.x.x (optionally as a shell parameter, otherwise defaults to values below)
wget -c $LLVM_CLANG_SOURCE -O "$_src_clang.tar.gz"

This was probably introduced somewhere around the release of LLVM 3.0, where this url naming scheme first shows up (See, but for whatever reasons, versions 3.3, 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 use a different naming scheme (cfe-x.x.x.src.tar.gz instead of clang-x.x.x.src.tar.gz), thus everyone who runs for these LLVM versions (and by default most people should in fact be running it for 3.3) obtains no CLANG at all (a 0 byte file is downloaded in these error cases, compilation silently does not occur, no errors whatsoever as far as i have seen), and the success of the build process depends fully on another CLANG being present on system level.

Writing a fix isn't really the problem here, but as there are multiple ways we could deal with this, especially how to handle the uncertainty on the naming scheme for future CLANG releases, I thought I'd bring it up for review and discussion first.



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Please do not make bug reports about building issues, those do not belong here (best is to use IRC, or ML).

That said, I’ll investigate the issue and fix it asap.

Thanks for looking into it!

Just for the record: I even went on IRC to clarify if this was the right place to report the bug (and got green light from Lukas Tönne, which sufficed for me), but yeah, everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, and this is kind of a corner case (being a building issue that's not related not to the user's system, but to the code in blender's git repo!) :)