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Gravity in walk mode hard-coded, cannot use alternate scene scale
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The walk navigation mode is super handy for exploring archivis scenes from a human perspective. Being able to set view height and jump height can add a lot of flexibility to the use cases for this navigation mode. However, the gravity is hard coded in meters. I have all of my scenes scaled to inches in order to accommodate a CAD ---> Blender workflow. Unfortunately, this makes my gravitation acceleration 9.8 inches per second^2, and while it is cool feeling like a spaceman, It makes it difficult to navigate scenes, especially when there are stairs involved.

Exposing the gravity settings in UI, or (better yet) using the current scenes gravity would make this a much more useable feature.

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I vote that the walkthrough feature go ahead and use scene gravity by default. It'd be silly to keep it hard coded, and confusing to make it distinct from existing scene settings.