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Scene gravity hard limited
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I model in 1 bu = 1 inch scale, which is fine for most things. But when it comes to adding physics, the gravity is way off. In order to set the gravity to match, I need to set the scene gravity to -386.09. Unfortunately the scene gravity is limited to -200. I imagine that this is to promote stability when doing ridgid body sims, but having the option to increase it would be very beneficial.

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When I switch to Imperial Units, gravity is correctly changed to -32.185 ft/s² and 1BU = 1 foot.
By changing scale value to 0.083, you should be able to work with 1BU = 1 inch.

But there is an inconsistency that make grid in perspective mode still in feet and snapping in meters.

Yeah, I've run into enough inconsistencies with the unit mode that I just use the default units nowadays

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