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Problem with rotation: Shift + Z don't lock z axis
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Windows 7 64bit

Blender 2.71 9337574

In 3d view is problem when I rotate object by using R key and try to lock one axis by Shift + Z (or X,Y). I expect that it locks Z axis and keep free X and Y. But combination R, Shift+Z works like R, Z - lock X, Y and rotate along Z axis. Location and scale works good.

  1. create new file
  2. select a cube
  3. press R to starting rotate
  4. press Shift + Z to lock Z axis. Cube should be rotated along X and Y axes (they are highlighted) but is rotated along Z axis.
  5. try the same with location G and scale S - works perfectly



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Thanks for the report, but there is no bug here, unlike translation and scaling, you can't have two free axes with rotation (even without locking any axis, you still rotate around a single axis, the view one).