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Refresh in Graph Editor Crashes Blender after Driver Copy Paste (Inconsistent)
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System Information
Win 7 SP1 2 X Asus Rog

Blender Version
Broken: 2.71

I have a character I'm working on, facial shapes of which are supposed to be controlled by the transformation values of bone objects. Pretty standart stuff really... Yet, when I go ahead and copy one driver to the other channel, later to get into the graph editor to edit it (change objects, channels etc.), the soonest I click on the editor list bar to select the driver, Blender disappears abruptly. I must note that this occurrence is inconsistent, and doesn't happen all the time... Pretty enigmatic stuff :-/ Very annoying nonetheless... :( As if now, I'm trying to avoid copying and pasting to go around these crashes, but it sure is a bummer :-B

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It's not really clear for me, what's the steps reproducing the crash with the file attached?

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