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"Delete Key Frame" menu and command
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Ok so: there are menus and commands to insert key frames, but what about deleting them? This issues is particularly felt as "Insert Key Frame" works also on many objects at a time, while the opposite can be a real pain!

This patch introduces a Delete Key Frame menu which works exactly as the Insert Key Frame one: it appears in each and every menu side by side with the latter.

The hotkey for this functionality is ALT+I for analogy with ALT+G, ALT+R, ALT+S that "restore" the original value. (What's more, ALT+I does not seem to be used).

Great care was taken in writing this code but I must confess that not each and every line was understood, so this should be tested extensively. The code to insert a key frame is not that clean, either, but I had to refer to that nonetheless: so the result may not be exciting from a software engineering point of view.

Open issues:
- I'm not sure that this works correctly when shape keys are involved, but I am not an expert on that topic
- I can't get the 3d view to update correctly after deleting a key frame