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Textures not visible both in Cycles and Blender engine modes
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System Information
Win7 SP1, 2 X Asus Rog Nvidia cards

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Short description of error
Whenever I adjust the UV's, I switch over to Blender Engine temporarily so as to see the Color Grid texture without having to apply any textures to the material on the object. Yet, in this scene, for some reason, that just ceased to work... :( To test things out, I checked out previous project files and made tests from scratch, everything looks a.o.k... There's something in this scene that somehow causes this routine to work as it should...

1- Open the provided file select the "HAIR" Object. It already has UV's...
2- Switch to Textured Mode and open up a UV image editor panel and create a default Color Grid image
3- Switch to Blender Render Engine in Edit mode, no textures should be seen in the perspective viewport or any other...
4- Switch to Cycles Render Engine mode. Although there is the default color grid image already piped into one of the materials applied to the object, you shouldn't be able to see the object textured {F98279}in the persp viewport as well...



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If you go through these steps on the "PONY TAIL" object, everything works alright... The only difference is that the "HAIR" object has multiple materials applied to it...

Something's up with the hair object, dunno what is... :(

Will check a bit later, in the middle of another patch atm.

Thank you Sergey, no prob...

It doesn't seems to be a bug. Go to the object properties, Display panel, maximum Draw Type is set to Solid. Meaning it would never be displayed textured, regardless to the viewport settings.

Aw Shucks... Sorry for taking up your time again and thank you Sergey.

Take care;