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Blender Git Versioning Addon
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this addon allows to store different versions of whole .blend files inside a Git repo. It is able to commit and checkout currently saved blends from within blender. There you can also view a brief history of the blend. Basic support for branches is there too, although i know diffing binary files like text files does not make much sense at all. The addon is more intended to save a linear history of different blend versions from within blender.

Note: to enable versioning, you must first save the blend. Best practice is to do this in a dedicated subdirectory, because git repos are automatically initialized there by the addon.




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Forgot to mention: In Addon Preferences, if you do not specify a path to the git executable, the addon tries to use hardcoded locations for it. In most cases you could leave the option blank.

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Thanks for writing this! I was just about to hack something up myself, and you've done it better that I could have. I already had a git repo initialized in the parent dir with all my files added. This addon respected that, and just used it correctly. It's so much nicer to be able to use git from blender itself.

As an aside, I've made a pretty slick bash shell prompt for git that has a very extensive dashboard about your git repo's current state. It's easily themable and programmable. It's part of bash-color-tools, and you can find it here:

Thanks again!

Am not against add-ons like this... but using git with a lot of binary files is problematic in production.

So I couldn't recommend it to be bundled with Blender.