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BGE ignores multiple UV maps in material nodes when game is running
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Version: 27.1 official (linux 64-bit)

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached file and inspect the two objects in textured view. See that they appear identical.
  2. Inspect the two objects' materials and textures. Both have two textures mapped on two UV maps. One material's textures are in the stack, while the other's are in a node tree.
  3. Press P and notice that the object with the node tree material does not draw as expected. The mesh seems to only use one UVmap, despite the fact that multiple maps are specified in the Geometry input nodes. Sometimes one texture or another does not show at all.
  4. Go into the second object's mesh data properties and run the game each of the mesh's UV Maps selected. Notice that the drawing behaviour seems to depend on which UV Map is selected in the properties window, which does not make sense.

The expected behaviour here is that the object should draw the same way when the game runs as it does in the 3D view. Bugs like this can cause serious frustration for game artists that wish to use material nodes and multiple UV maps to apply tiled textures, baked AO, decals, etc.



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