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Run Armature actuator not working with DupliGroup object.
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2.70a f93bc76 --> group and DupliGroup working
2.71 9337574 --> group and DupliGroup broken
Actual build 2.71 698a9a2 --> group working, DupliGroup broken

The "Run Armature" actuator is not running (duplicated) for DupliGroup objects in the actual builds.



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It seems that armature relation is lost between duplcate mesh with armature modifier and duplicate armature.
I tried your blend in 2.70. This relation seems to work better but in 2.70 because deformed item is supported.
But there is also another big problem in 2.70, constraints between rigidbodies duplicates are ignored, too.

So, if you look at .blend in 2.70, there is a deformation but it is a very ugly one.
In 2.71, there is no deformation at all. I am not sure it is worst.

I don't know what are approved limitations of dupligoup use in BGE.

Yes, that the constrains are not duplicated is a know limitation. I have written a patch (D658) for that, but it need some changes.

I looked at the problem again. I think the problem don't depends on the Run Armature actuator. It seems to be a problem with the "Copy Rotation", bone constraints.

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This task is being closed because the BGE has been removed in Blender 2.8.