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Copy and paste operation on f-curves do not respect keyframe tangent handles...
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win7 sp1 2XAsus ROG

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I guess the title says it all... My animators were dismayed quite a bit when they saw this happening. Hoping its me again this time, cuz if Blender can't copy tangent handle orientations and paste them, that's a huge drag for animators... :(

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I've prepared a little demonstration video to clearly illustrate my problem... The scene file is also included in the rar file.



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I think there is a limitation for selecting and copying keyframes n Graph Editor.
You have to select f-curve and press V in source channel to hide all the others before copying.

Then, when you paste f-curves, default type of paste operator is set to Mix. So result is mixed with previous keyframe needed for F-curve creation.
If you press F6, you can change it to Overwrite All.
Previous Keyframe would be overwritten by the one at same frame and it would not mess-up tangent of copied keyframes that have handles type set to aligned.

Oh, thank goodness... It's so kind of you to get back to me on this board for a post that seemingly otherwise had to have been posted on a forum elsewhere. thank you, I appreciate it :) I've gone through the manual quite a bit, yet this must have escaped me somehow. The way it went though, I kinda tended to see it much as a limitation or maybe a bug, so I decided to post here.

Again, thank you for devoting your time, I know you guys are pretty busy, but thank you all the same :)

Cheers :)


That commit fixes one specific issue - before, pasting a curve over another ones having keyframes at the same time would not override existing keyframes' handles properties.

Copy/paste of fcurves remain a bit rough on the edges, but that's more like usual TODO, no more bug here. Thanks for the report! :)