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blender.exe is not a valid win32 application
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System Information
winxp 32bits

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.71-e7b396c-win32 (2 august) blender-2.71-3e607f6-win32 (1 august)
Worked: blender-2.71-939503a-win32 (29 july)

Short description of error
launch blender.exe
"blender.exe is not a valid win32 application"



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This is a result from switching to the new buildbot that lacks the vs120-xp toolchain. Ill try and fix this asap.

This should be fixed in today's buildbot.
It works for me on windows XP 32bit.

I confirm, today's blender-2.71-6b6ea04-win32 works without a problem.
Thank you for your work

I have been having the same issue, Anything higher than Blender 276b will not run on my Windows XP install.

I really want to start using a newer version of Blender but I refuse to expose myself to the lack of privacy associated with windows 7 and newer.

please inform me if there is a solution

thank you Very much

Last version of Blender compatible with Windows XP is 2.76, so no wonder… We cannot support such an old and unmaintained OS anymore for modern Blender.

If you do not want to install a modern Windows OS, then switch to some Linux distribution…

@Vehi Cros (VehiCROS) the compiler does not allow us to make functional builds for Windows XP anymore.
To solve your problem I would suggest moving to Linux.

We cannot support such an old and unmaintained OS anymore

You don't need to support OS, just put some efforts into making Blender to work in all Windows versions, preferably starting with NT 4.0 (yes, it's possible).
I don't believe there was a real need to "upgrade" compiler that was OK with XP. Anyways, you should be able to do it even with the latest compiler from MS - just get rid of "excessive" linking.
Probably. you can switch to some GPL compiler as well.
Unfortunately, "latest = greatest" is not true for MS products anymore :(
At least place a link to download 2.76b

No it’s not possible, win XP has some very serious limitations that forced us to have a bunch of crappy hacks and exceptions in our code to work around it. There is no point in supporting a technology which is over 16 years old now, when we do not even support hardware from that time anymore. Supporting 10 years old hardware and OS is already much, much more than any other 3D package available. Blender is not the typical 'hello world' program that you may compile anywhere - by far.

Thank you to those agree that Windows versions newer than XP are NOT necessarily better.
And please do not give up on us True Old Timers who still cling to XP, by having support for it.