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Multi field entry in Dimensions not working
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Win 8.1 AMD64 Radeon

Affects: any version of Blender that has multi field entry.

"Multi field entry'" is what I am calling that very nice recent feature that allows you to drag down over more than one numerical entry field and change them simultaneously, by dragging or entering a value.

This works correctly in every field I have tried except for dimensions in the 3Dview N properties region. This behaviour is not affected by having transforms unapplied or applied.

To reproduce, first use the scale field to see how it should work. Mouse over all three and start ragging. The three fields update, keeping the offset if one was present, and the object in the window changes in all three axes.

Now in the dimensions box mouse and drag over all three . Only two fields change, and only the Z has any effect in the window. (Watch the scale fields to see what is really happening.) Now drag over two fields. Only one has any effect. There is also a 'snapback' type effect that happens when you select more than one field and enter numerically instead of dragging. the fields take your entry until you press enter, and then go back to what they were before.

Note that dragging or entering values in any single dimension field works correctly and as expected.



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