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Render layer pass bug
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System Information
windows7 64
ASUS ATI Radeon HD6870

Blender Version
Broken: (2.67(r56533) and later)
Worked: (2.66(r54697)) and earlier

Short description of error
this bug arppeared in 2.67 with new function(render layers, pass)

in 2.66 was not this

if we select a render layer panel, passes context menu, and switch off combined pass - we will receive render result on other passes without textures
this bug only in BI(not cycles)
and else: if we switch off a combined, but switch on color - working properly
type of texture - is not important

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
open this{F102495}
1)Render, and see on speq and diffuse pass result
2)switch off a combined pass, render, see on speq and diffuse pass(we will see difference,render without texture,then used on diffuse color and speqular color)
3)switch on a color pass and render again - we will see proper result.

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Using Mapping from the texture panel indeed is still not handled correct. Will have a closer look.

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And else, look on this{F102645}
Try to render and select diffuse pass result(maybe withiut switching off combined pass)
in render, on diffuse pass ignored all node correction on material(maybe without textures).

Seems the passes which might be made to work relatively simple are supported now. Refraction pass had some strange behavior, but root of the issue lies deep in the render code it seems. Would rather consider it a TODO for now.