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System Information
Operating system and graphics card
Win7 64 Ult SP1
GeForce GTX580 1.5GB

Blender Version
Broken: b65a022
Worked: Never

Short description of error
I'm attaching a video to better demonstrate the bug.
Basically, after first use of the command (as demonstrated in the video) to add to selection, the initial behavior is broken and the add to selection behavior is locked.
Please refer to video for better demo of the bug.

Not demonstarted in the vid, identical behavior applies across Object Mode and Edit Mode.

I'm also linking to my prefs (from the video) if you guys need it to test this behavior.
Note: Deleted CGCookie Retopology tools from the prefs as they are a paid Addon (you might get an error about that)



Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Described in the video


rB513b8ddf0624: Fix T41421

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Looks like this is by design see$1574 . We actually require the user to click two times on the same object, once to select and once to actually toggle.
Removing the conditional makes this behave as expected but I find this weird.
I think this happens because it's difficult then to see what the active object is? But I'll have to check with others if this is really considered bug..

Antony Riakiotakis (psy-fi) claimed this task.

Looks like this works as intended...You need to press shift select twice on an object to deselect.

The toggle select is fine.

My problem is the first time, after opening blender, if I use Shift to add to selection - it starts behaving like Shift is always pressed.

If you refer back to the video, initially (before I press Shift for the first time) when selecting a new object the old one gets deselected. That behavior gets broken once I use Shift to add to selection. From there on, selecting a new object does not deselect the old one ... it's as if Shift is always pressed from there on.

I hope this additional information helps.

That looks like a bug, I'll test to see.

Seeing 'Resolved' and 'Commit', does this mean you actually tracked it down and fixed it?!

If so, MANY Thanks!!!!!
Much appreciated.

It's something that was breaking my workflow as I had to use 'A' to deselect all the time (after the first time I would use shift to add to selection).

This behavior was also present in Edit Mode. Pretty much the same thing as Objects, but on subObject level.

Yes, it should be fixed...I suspect issue might be deeper here, but I'll have to check with other developers

Thought I'd post back.

I've tried a recent build from graphicall and you've nailed it!!!
It's not happening any more. Fixed both in Object and Edit Mode.

Much appreciated.
You rock Antony!!!