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"Reload from trusted" made me lose my work without prompting for save!
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I loaded a file from MakeHuman and started a session of sculpting.

After some time I noticed a warning button in the Info Panel that said something
about "import failed".

I clicked on the button (to see what it did) and it reset my file back to an original saved file.

I lost my sculpting session because it didn't prompt with anything like "Unsaved changes, are you sure?"

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Sorry for your lost work, but Blender makes general assumption user knows what he is doing when he opens/reloads a file. This quite obviously implies all non-saved work will be lost…

We know this may be frustrating in some occasions, but on the other hand it saves quite a bit of time not to always have to confirm actions in popups…

Jakester488, I would like to remind you that Blender is not developed for puny users who allow any mistakes in their workflow. And yes, losing your work is not enough to justify even one additional mouse click when you open-close projects.

P.S. But seriously, our dear developers, would it really be a great sin in your eyes to add an OPTION in the preferences to turn on/off "save file" confirmation?
I'm sure 90% of users would really appreciate it.
Oh, sorry, I forgot, no feature requests here! OK, forget about it...

Well I'm quite shocked at how quickly and cavalierly this was closed...

First of all... it's a *data loss bug*. I can't think of any faster way to lose my job
as a sysadmin than by saying "Sorry, I didn't do the backups ... but hard drives
do die, so go away."

Please pardon my sarcasm, but the response is RIDICULOUS.

Not only that: the response is inconsistent with present Blender behavior: Blender DOES warn about unsaved changes when Quitting, or when I choose "File | New".

I would suggest this be re-opened. There is a deeper problem here if this is how
a legitimate bug is triaged.

Welcome to Blender bug tracker! ))
Generally, this feature was asked by many users since long time ago, but it seems that for some almost religious reasons devs always oppose to include it in Blender.
AFAIK only Windows version of Blender have an option to warn about unsaved changes when quitting. On Mac and Linux (which I am using) it doesn't at all. Yes, Blender automatically saves "quit.blend" file in temp directory. But this "solution" has at least one serious problem. Sometimes (especially when you work with many blend files) you can easily forget to save some changes made in one file and re-open other files thinking that those changes you made are saved. As a result, your quit.blend file will be replaced with new data. Such behavior provides a user with unnecessary anxiety to always remember and check to save his work. I think most of users would be happy if Blender could take upon itself to check and remind them to save their data if it might be lost.
Again this can be added as an OPTION, so those of you who are perfect and never do any mistakes can continue to completely rely on yourselves while most of other "stupid" users (including me) can use Blender's help to avoid losing their work.

My bad, that op was missing a popup, fixed now… Which does not mean that ranting was needed, please try to be less childish in future.

Thank you very much! Our "childish" comments (as you called it) in the end did encourage you to pay a little more attention to this issue and finally fix it. Please understand, this is the only weapon we have to penetrate the wall of indifference and melt developers' cold, cold hearts. ;-)

Mont29 thanks for you kind fix, and I'm sorry if my comments came across as too pushy.

Luarvik: your comments could be considered a bit harsh... There is some validity in that yes the developers of blender hold inordinate power to make or break a change before it is ever born, as they are mostly volunteers, and getting them to take your opinion about a change is the first step.

I spent some time looking around the internet and found that there are (too) many ways to suggest features; there is also a lot of discussion about WHY there are so many ways to get features in... it has to do once again with the fact that it's mostly volunteer based work and so KIND COMMUNICATION is the key, otherwise you just piss off the devs.

So anyways thanks Bastien :)

Jakester, first of all I completely agree that KIND COMMUNICATION is good. And I myself don't enjoy to speak harshly to our very appreciated (no sarcasm here!) developers. But ironically, if we both had used nice and humble language (which you actually did), then this report would continue to be closed as invalid and this problem wouldn't be fixed.

I know this, because I have witnessed others and myself experienced similar situations. In a similar manner a formal, but as you properly noted, RIDICULOUS response is given and bug report is quickly closed as invalid. All KIND and POLITE efforts to get a little more explanation or discussion on the topic are completely ignored.

I am not expecting developers to agree with every users' opinion and suggestion, but I would like to encourage them not to treat users as a dumb cattle.

P.S. In my comments I wasn't really harsh, rather satirical. I apologize if I offended someone. I don't disrespect Bastien or any other developers, I just tried to give them an adequate feedback.

Best regards to all devs.