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Action actuators are not counted among the users of an action datablock
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Version: 2.71 official (linux 64)

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached file and inspect the simple "watch the cube spin" game.
  2. In the action editor, unlink the CubeAction.
  3. Notice that CubeAction is now listed as having 0 users even though it is clearly still being used by the actuator in the game logic window.
  4. If you save and re-open the file, the CubeAction will be cleaned up, leaving an orphaned logic brick and breaking the game.

Expected Behaviour:
It is implicit that the Action Actuator should count as a user of an Action datablock when other things like action constraints count as users. Otherwise, the game artist must add a fake user for each one of the many actions that a single object/character could perform in a game. Forgetting to do this once can result in lost work.



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@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto), wasn't this something that was talked about before? Should action actuators increment the user count?

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Just saw this report while browsing through the tracker. The action actuator issue was fixed for 2.74 already (rBec2ede4).