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BGE-optimized vertex deform method causes vertices to go smooth
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Version: 2.71 official (linux 64)

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached .blend and play the cube clicking game.
  2. Notice that the cube mesh suddenly becomes smooth when moved at all by the armature.
  3. Change the armature vertex deformation method from "BGE" to "Blender" and repeat. The issue disappears.

Why would the BGE method cause all the mesh faces to become smooth? It does not seem necessary. Can this be fixed?



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I haven't looked into this yet, but it might be due to how the normals are calculated. For the BGE deformer, the vertex normals are approximated and transformed while the vertex is being transformed. The Blender deformer goes though and recalculates all the normals after the vertex transforms have been done.

Interesting. Would this difference necessitate the smoothing of all normals in BGE deform?