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Wrong keyframe color indicators when editing NLA strips
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System Information
Ubuntu 64 14.04

Blender Version
Blender trunk 7ef9257

Short description of error
The colors in outliner indicating keyframes, doesn't respect the information in other editors.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open the file, and move frame to frame to the right.
The original action that NLA strips reference had keyframes in 1, 7 and 21.
Since NLA strip has been moved, this keys are now in 4, 10 and 24.
But in outliner, the colors still change at 1, 7, and 24.

Doesn't know how this is supposed to work, but I would expect that if I am tweaking a basic action, the information in graph editor and dopesheet should reflect the original action, not the changed one throug NLA strips.

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ui_but_anim_flag() needs to be modified to apply NLA mapping to the cfra before using it to check for keyframes on the relevant FCurve.

Thanks. I'm a developer, trying to learn blender code (fiuu, thats a tough one). I'm also interested in mograph in blender, so expect more of these finickies from me (sorry :( )
But, I'll try to read your commits, so I can't help in the future to make blender more mograph friendly.