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Adding a mesh without faces and entering edit mode keeps the ghost selection in faces mode
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System Information
OSX, ATI 6770

Blender Version
Broken: 2.71 e1eb2e9
Worked: ...
Short description of error
Adding a mesh without faces and entering edit mode keeps the ghost selection in faces mode, confusing the user (me).
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Add circle mesh, enter edit mode. Active selection is displayed as edges selection even though user may left and entered the edit mode in faces selection making any command unresponsive.

To be clear. Displayed selection is all edges (no center point), mode is faces selection. I assume that the selection mode is edges and get angry and throw stuff at the monitor because none of my shortcuts work, and curse at the Blender for messing up my shortcuts yet again (which it of course didn't do last time I encountered the bug either). The I glance at the edit mode and realize that the selection mode is faces (which mesh circle by default doesn't have).



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Note that this only happens if you were previously in face selection mode (either from another object or set as default startup).

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Marking this report as incomplete, please avoid comments like making any command unresponsive, Instead give a list of commands that fail.

While I can guess what you mean, for the purpose of defining the bug its still good to be spesific on what fails and how you would expect it to work.

Finding a good logical fix here may be tricky.

Obviously the case where there are no faces and you're in face select mode is problematic, but what would be a proposed fix?

There are conflicting issues here.

  • Any mesh may have all its faces removed while editing. (putting Blender temporarily into an awkward state where tools are configured to operate on faces but no faces exist).
  • Checking if the mesh has any faces isn't really a good solution since all faces may be hidden which is effectively the same as having zero faces from a user POV.
  • Automatic changing the select-mode for the user can be problematic, since the user may temporarily enter a state with zero faces and immediately add some geometry, and be annoyed that Blender is automatic changing modes.

So, not sure its useful to attempt to guess what the user wants here...
Also this bug report isn't really very clear to me: none of my shortcuts work, is too vague - Transform fails (grab/rotate/scale), I assume thats what you mean, but are there other shortcuts that fail?

Possible solutions.

  • Report a warning when the user attempts to transform while in face select mode when there are no faces.
  • Fallback to vertex transform when no faces selected.
  • When entering editmode, set vertex select if the mesh has no faces (this seems weak to me, but listing for completeness)

Maybe I didn't explain it very well. After creating a mesh without faces, for example circle mesh, there is a selection that shouldn't be. But its only problematic if user has left the edit mode in face selection mode prior to this. Then when entering the edit mode with the newly created circle, you are in the face selection mode with a 'ghost' selected face that doesn't exist. Therefor none of the commands work on the selection. Its problematic to notice what is going on (for the user) especially since the cursor is obscuring the center and so the user doesn't notice if the center dot (face selection mode) is there or not.

Its probably easier to try than to explain.

  1. enter edit mode on a mesh object
  2. switch to face selection mode
  3. exit edit mode
  4. create mesh circle object
  5. enter edit mode

Now you have a face selection without any existing faces in the object.

I wouldn't complicate anything, just check the mode and deselect if no existing/visible components for that mode? Isn't that done already, just creating new objects forces 'select all'?

Just tested. Blender allows 'select all' in face selection mode even if no faces exist. Not good in my opinion. You have a visible selection that you can't do anything with.

Moving this to a design issue, since this isn't an error in the code or some mistake with a clear fix. T41588, archiving.