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Copy Settings from active to selected
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I often found that I needed to copy the settings of the active track to all selected tracks, similar to the "copy from active track" in the presets, just for all selected markers.
Especially when trying out the approach via Feature Detection for tracking it would be very useful to be able to quickly change the settings for all markers.
I think it would be enough if this would be an operator that lives only in the menu or just the search, it doesn't need a separate button.


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I'm a bit confused, first you talk about tracks then about markers.. Which exact settings you're talking about?

Well, i think the terminology is just confusing. For me a Marker is the thing you add to track the footage, which then results in a track...
I know that in the code it's used differently
Anyway ,I am talking about the tracking settings for the active marker. There is a button "Copy From Active Track" which will use the settings from the active track and apply them to the presets. What I need is a way to apply the settings from the active track to all selected tracks.

Here's a patch to make it possible to copy settings from active track to selected tracks

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 12 2014, 11:15 AM

I've run into this frustration as well.
For me, the expected behavior is to hold ALT while changing a value and have the value change for all selected things. Just like it does in the 3D editor.

When that didn't work, I expected "Copy From Active Track" to copy the settings to the selected tracks from the active one, but that also didn't do what I wanted. "Tracking Settings" is probably better named something like "New Track Defaults" if changes don't impact all (selected) tracks.

Is it worth it for me to look into making a patch for the ALT + change behavior functional? (I'm asking because the copy to all tracks patch seems to have been ignored)