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real OpenGl Phong shading
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the phong reflection shader was a blinn-phong implementation so we changed it to a real Phong reflection.



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Seems ok, but will need to have a bit closer look.

@Antony Riakiotakis (psy-fi) might also be interested glancing here.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 12 2014, 10:56 AM

The purpose of the shader is to match the rendering, I'm not sure what is used there, but if it's not the same I might be against the change.

Nope, we are using blinn-phong in BI, check Phong_Spec function in shadeoutput.c line 588. We might consider changing that as well but it could influence old files.

I wouldn't be against adding a new specular type for BI though - sorry for the mail spam.

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Something similar has been done in the 2.8 branch.