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Rigid body Constraint: Generic are crazy for rotation along Y axis (Bullet issue?)
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Windows 7 64

Blender 2.71 9337574

Every time when I use Generic Constraint and Object can rotate along Y axis, animation are crazy. Only Y axis is broken.

  1. Open file.
  2. Press Alt + A and see what will happen with green cube.

Not only I have this problem.



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From a quick print session, issue seems to happen in Bullet (at least, values gotten from RB_body_get_orientation() are first stable, with rotation along Y axis, and it soon starts to diverge to random axes...).

Sergej, you might know better! ;)

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The most plausible explanation i could find on this issue is that the 6dof constraint ("generic" in Blender terms) is based on Euler angles, which are prone to gimbal lock type issues. The ultimate solution would have to happen on the Bullet side as a quaternion-based 6dof constraint, but in the meantime you can use a true hinge constraint (which is more stable anyway) or just rotate the cube and use the x or z axis instead of y. See this thread for discussion:

We can't really fix this on our side, so i'm archiving this report.