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Normal Map in Material Node going wrong
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Win7 64bit; Radeon HD 6950

Blender 2.71 - 9337574

Short description of error

Set Blender to "Blender Game" Mode.

Adding a normal Map to a regular Material working fine.
Set a Material to Node-Mode, and add a Normal Map there, it behaves incorrectly.

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The difference in appearence is due to a general difference between the normals.
You can achieve the same appearance in node mode as in regular mode by adding an additional transformation for the normals of (manually approximated)

Rotation: X 311°, Y -40°, Z -27°
Scale: X 1.0 Y 1.0 Z -1.0

And the bug is also present in Blender Render mode

I have to correct my previous statement:
It appears that the normals are simply inverted and there's an additional difference in the weighting factor of the normal mapping in the material color.

The issue is that the type of normal data expected by the material node is different from the data produced by a normal map.

This has likely been the case since the introduction of nodes in Blender 2.40, it extends to the GLSL system because that has been designed to mimic the results from BI.

To get what you want, you need to perform operations using normal and coordinate data, like seen here in this concept node group that produces a reasonable approximation derived from a normal map.

To be honest though, it would be nice to have a 'normal map' node for BI and the BGE that does the conversion for you like already seen with Cycles.

I can confirm that strange behavior. (windows 8.1 64bit, blender 2.71 64bit)
the shown workarounds are not satisfactory to me.
the behavior should be the same in all cases - with or without using nodes - it should give the same result.
I would like to see a easy, logical and consistent solution here.

Neither Omni nor Ace_dragon's solution seem to approximate the built-in normal map functionality. Am thinking it's not going to be possible until D1120 is implemented because we don't have access to Tangent data right now from the geometry node.

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Will this issue be fixed in a next version ?

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This task is being closed because the BGE has been removed in Blender 2.8.