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Balance vertex groups
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Written for 2.72.

Balance the weight of two vertex groups.

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Addon Link - 1.1

Addon Link - 1.2

Added slider with update function, easier to use.



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Afraid @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) is the most familiar with the weights. CCing him :)

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Thanks for checking the addon.
Feel free to do what you want with the idears.

There are many possible tools like this, the issue we face isn't that they are hard to write, its that we need to present them to the user in a logical way.

Having single addons for each operation isn't ideal

This seems a fairly obscure operation (while useful at times of course),

for inclusion in Blender, I rather a developer/user collects many operations like this and exposed them in a way users can easily access.


Would tools like these be accepted as patches?