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Animation is different depending on rendered frame range
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On a scene with animation using NLA, if I render a single frame I get a result that is different from what I get when rendering a wider frame range within a single render job.

This is particularly noxious when render is split among several servers: sometimes two blender instances rendering the same scene each calculate animations that are inconsistant, which results in some weird parkinson like tremour when frames are put together.

I'm sorry I don't have a stripped blend file to add, because mine is huge at the moment. But I would be surprised if this was not a known bug - although I could not find it in the list.

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This is already a known bug that I've got a pending plan for resolving, but which requires some rather large changes under the hood.

For now, the solution is to ensure that you have a strip at the bottom of the stack (and spanning the entire range) which defines the "rest" or default values that all the properties included in any of the strips should have if they are not animated by a strip at that time.

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Thank you. I will try the workaround.
Just so I can subscribe and follow up, could you please give me the bug reference ?