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Cycles ID pass (Objekt and Material) Bug.
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System Information
Win 7 64Bit - GTX 650

Blender Version
Blender 2.71
Hash: 9337574

Since there is on no roadmap, an indication that this bug shall fixed ... Here a reminder!

The ID pass has no grayscale values, that makes it unusable for compositing.

Any Workaround (e.g emission material override) is really a bit frustrating and time consuming.

It must be possible (however), to create a clean black and white mask otherwise the Cycles ID passes are useless.

Please Devs, fix this existentially feature!


PSD packed with 7z



To Do

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Hans Nolte (ditos) added a project: BF Blender.
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Thomas Dinges (dingto) changed Type from Bug to To Do.Sep 23 2014, 4:28 PM

This bugtracker is *not* for feature requests. Therefore I set this to a ToDo task now.

And as already noted by someone in the Blenderartists thread, the missing AA comes from the fact, that the ID passes are only rendered with 1 sample.

Thomas Dinges (dingto) triaged this task as Confirmed, Low priority.Sep 23 2014, 4:31 PM
Thomas Dinges (dingto) closed this task as Invalid.Sep 23 2014, 4:36 PM

Actually, this is intended behaviour:

"The Z, Object Index and Material Index passes are not antialiased. This is done because such values can't really be blended correctly. "

Thanks Thomas to set this to a ToDo task.