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Camera switch during rendering doesn't accept keyframes
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Blender Version All, as I know

Keyframing not possible for Camera switching
So if I want to switch from a camera to another with the Scene > Camera property like in the following image

, is not possible.

Almost everything in Blender is "Keyframable" but not camera switching.
I know it is possible to switch from a camera to another into the scene with markers but this workaround is not "immediate" to understand. It seem that blender is incomplete in this aspect. I don't know if it is a bug or it is a "feature" of it. IMHO is an incomplete feature or a bug-like thing. I hope this will be correct in future releases. and the Scene > Camera property will be in the future "keyframeble" as well. It will simplify the job. Of course it could be a further implementation but not a substitution of markers.



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This is not a bug but a feature request, nothing to do on our tracker.