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FBX batch export with custom scene units and scales --> worked fine in UE4 editor, but when importing to Maya or 3DsMax for post-editing, the models are 100 times bigger.
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System Information
Windows 7 Premium X64 with Intel i7 3770k and 16GB of RAM
nVidia Geforce GTX 660 Ti 2GB

Blender Version
Blender 2.71 standard release version downloaded from download page.
Worked: never worked.

Short description of error
Batch exporting groups of models, Blender Scene scale of 0.01 with unit of centimeter, exporting option scale 1.00. exported models all have correct size in UE4 editor, but when I imported them into Autodesk Maya, they are 100 times bigger. Where if I export them individually, the size will be correct.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Create bunch of meshes, make sure they all have uniform scale of 1.0, put them into different groups, select them all, do File--> Export--> FBX, make sure the exporter option scale is set to 1.0 and batch export is checked, export mode set to group and don't forget to check only selected.

Hit export button.

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Btw, just to make it clear, when I export model individually, they appear in correct size both in UE4 editor and Maya. Which makes me think that this issue when I use batch export is definitely a bug.

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Blender 2.71 is way too old for FBX bug reports, please try with the new 2.72 RC1, or just use a build from our buildbot.

Blender 2.71 is way too old for FBX bug reports, please try with the new 2.72 RC1, or just use a build from our buildbot.

Hi, I've tried this with new 2.72 build, Release Candidate. This problem still exists. When I batch export a bunch of models, with a scene scale of 0.01, they all goes 100 times bigger in Maya and 3DsMax. In autodesk FBX viewer, the default camera zoom can't display the whole model because they are too big. They are correct sized in UE4, but I need to use Maya for a lot of post editing.

I know/suspect our handling of global scale (so called UnitScaleFactor in FBX) may not be right - though this is really hard to decide, since it seems not much apps handle it consistently…

But this is an already known TODO, your report was about different results when using batch or not - and that I cannot reproduce at all. Please attach here a very simple .blend demonstrating the issue, as well as your FBX files generated from it.

Here is the .blend file, and the files I exported using group batch and single mode. they are 100 times bigger or smaller even in Autodesk FBX previewer, no need to import them into Maya or 3DsMax now and you can see what's wrong. I simplified the file and get rid of all but 4 groups of mesh left for the ease of your testing. (I did test the export after I simplified everything, it still gives me the different scale)


  1. They all have correct scale in Unreal Engine 4.
  2. In Maya, they are 100 times bigger, and the object property window shows they are scaled up by 100 times ( X100.0 Y100.0 Z100.0 ) If reset that to 1.0, the object will be correct size, but ain't nobody got time for that. so...
  3. I used batch export group mode.
  4. All meshes are Alt+C ed and are independent meshes with scale of 1.0.
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Many thank for the files, can reproduce the issue now!

Fixed in master. Note the question of scaling differences between maya/max/UE4/etc. is already known TODO issue, still not sure whether we or other apps are responsible of that mess yet, tbh. :/