Shortcut to simplify subdiviision levels!
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Please put a shortcut available for the subdivision limitator of a scene! It is not possible to assign, and would be very handy!


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If i understand you correct, it is possible by using bpy.ops.wm.context_set_int with a path of "scene.render.simplify_subdivision". So for the custom keymap you can easily do that, no need to change anything in upstream i think.

Thanks for the report, but closing it now.

could you be more especific? I tried this comands lines in a console it says that scene is not defined.

Example: bpy.ops.wm.context_set_int(data_path="scene.render.simplify_subdivision", value=2)

Bind this operator to a shortcut with different value and you'll be happy.

sorry, Im a new bie at programing in blender :D, I tried to create a class at the source script of scenes interface and when I call the operator it doesnt create a button in the panel so I cant put the shortcut. What am I doing wrong?

or you could indicate a reading material that could help me. :/

You shouldn't mistake this for a Blender support website. If Sergey or one of the other busy developers don't give you an answer, try or better yet:

Additionally, if I read Sergey's comment correctly, no scripting or programming is required. You can simply create a new hotkey assignment in the keymap, with the parameters he provided. Look up how to assign hotkeys if you're not familiar with this yet.