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GPU device (how too?)
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I'm having trouble seeing were the --device gpu is demonstrated? That's the whole point for me (from houdini).

Had error with someones primitive first version implementation for bridging cycles standalone...

found files here...

Anyway it's because SideFX doesn't provide GPU rendering yet that I care at all.

[Hard to believe this would be a feature request. Again only point for me.]

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Sorry that was my fault, i just made a quick fun integration but seriously to implement the render it would make sense to use the python soho api. but when i'm correct it's even in the indie version blocked so if you want that everybody could use it there must be another way to integrate cycles in to houdini.

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I am sorry, but what is the issue here? Is something in Cycles Standalone not working or needs fixing? Or is this a issue in the experimental Houdini Cycles integration? :)

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