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Append brings in unwanted\irrelevant elements into the scene
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System Information
Win 7 SP1

Blender Version
Broken: 2.71

Short description of error

Whenever I try to append, say a material, or anything else for that matter into a scene from another, especially from a rigged character set up using Rigify, everything impertinent to what's being appended comes in. You can see tons of widgets, the armature itself and other stuff sometimes being piled up right into the heart of the scene... When one calls in something from a scene file, that thing should only come in, not everything else, wouldn't you agree? I dunno if this has something to do with rigify or a bug in Blender, but I believe it's worth looking into, cuz cleaning up 100s of unnecessary objects after each append is pain beyond belief... :-(

Just recall a material from from an object rigged with Rigify, you'll see what I mean. If you won't be able to reproduce it, I'll send in one of my characters.





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One thing that noticed is that Blender seems to append every object from the layer you have currently active in your current scene that you're trying to append to. Like, say you have layer 3 active in your scene, and you're trying to import a material from the some scene, Blender looks into that file, grabs whichever data you're interested in, but also tends to look into Layer 3 in that scene file and imports everything in it, regardless of you having asked for them or not... This action seems redundant imo... I might be mistaken, but going into a scene file to activate an empty layer, just to be able to append something from it is, well, counter-productive to say the least... :-/

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Please always attach a .blend file to reproduce the issue, saves us tons of time.

OK, will do... Sorry for that, I'm deep in trying to submit something... In an hour or two. Cheers :)

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