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Game engine in GLSL, multiple UV material, UV maps are wrong or mixed
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System Information
Windows 8.1
Nvidia GeForce 710M

Blender Version
2.72 95182d1

Short description of error

I try to make a GLSL lightmap material with nodes. The material looks fine in the viewport, but when I press 'P', it looks different, both of the diffuse and lightmap textures use the same UV map.
The node setup contains:

  • Geometry node, the UV layout set to 'UVMap'
  • Texture node, with a simple image texture, this is connected to the previous node, through the UV
  • Another geometry node, set to 'lightmapUV'
  • Another texture node, with a lightmap texture (baked before, but error also if its from a file), connected the the second geometry node
  • Mix node, the 2 texture nodes' colors are coming in, the blend mode does not matter
  • Output node, color connected to the mix

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Press 'P' in a viewport, and see the difference
If you try to change the node setup, even if you leave out the mix node, wrong UV is used in many cases.



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Hey @Ádám Háda (hadahector),
Is the bug still appearing in the latest builds from buildbot?

Yes it is, I've just downloaded and tried.

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