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Gird Colour in standard theme
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I play around with the default theme sometimes, and I know there are discussions but here is just one colour to change which effects the hole filling. It's the Gird's colour. When working in orthographic view the gird is almost invisible. I changed it to 4E4E4E and it's so much better. Try it out yourself and tell me what you think.

(oh and I have the wire colour paler but this is not subject now ;))



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Thanks for the suggestion, but please do not create TODO/design tasks this way - we already have way too much of those about UI (think we even already have one or two about future enhanced defaults) - and in any case, creating such tasks is reserved to either devs or 'reference' users for a given area… Else, it just becomes unmanageable.

hi @Jannis Adamek (jannis),

I think your color suggestion work best in any theme. Cheers.