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Enabling VBOs in Preferences crashes Blender on exit
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System Information
Mobile Intel Core i7 720QM (1.66GHz), Win7 Pro 64bit, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTS 360M with 1GB VRAM;

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.72.1 64bit (Hash: fe93047) ( from b.b.o.
Worked: Blender 2.72 64bit (Hash: 95182d1) ( official release

Short description of error
Enabling VBO in the System Preferences seems to crash Blender when you quit the program.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. unpack the zipped installation package in its own dedicated folder (eg. in my case it's D:\Blender\blender-2.72-fe93947-win64 because I use the D:\Blender folder to test versions) (I have Administrator privileges on my local machine and company's network)
  2. before running Blender for the first time add/create also the following folders under the D:\Blender\blender-2.72-fe93947-win64\2.72\ directory along with the others already there (\datafiles; \python and \scripts): ... \autosave ... \cache ... \config ... \temp. In this way Blender won't depend on any existing user files and it'll have its own clean environment.

  1. Now, run Blender, open the User Preferences, switch to the Files section and change the Temp directory path to the above one you've just added; leave the other settings at their default values for now.

  1. Go to the System section and notice that by default the VBOs checkbox in unselected. Leave it as is, save the Preferences and then save also the Startup File. You'll find these two configuration files inside the ... \config folder.

To test this "presumed bug" start Blender inside the command prompt in Windows 7 (that's my OS) in Debug-All mode to view what's going on. Once Blender starts, move the cube (so you'll be prompted to quit) and quit Blender looking at the terminal console for the messages. When everything works fine you should see the following messages as the last ones:

Saved session recovery to 'D:\Blender\blender-2.72-fe93947-win64\2.72\temp\quit.blend'

Blender quit
Press any key to exit ..."

Everything seems fine.

Restart Blender (from command prompt in debug mode), in the System Preferences tick the VBOs checkbox and save the preferences. Now quit Blender. At this point I get the error on exit. With the default startup file the session is saved (quit.blend) but the executable file crashes and an error log file may or may not be created. Instead, when I open an existing project, with the VBOs option activated, Blender may or may not create also a crash log file inside the ...\temp directory; unfortunately the log file is empty.

The above is the only clue I was able to discover after many tests until I found which setting was "apparently" causing the issue. I hope it might help. Thank you for your attention.

P.S.: As suggested by a developer in a bug ticket (I don't remember which one) I also tried to put inside the Blender installation directory the 64bit version of "opengl32.dll" but without any effect apart for an increased lagging of the interface, browsing the menu items and dropdown menu lists, but perhaps it has nothing to do with this "presumed" issue.



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@Riccardo Giovanetti (harvester): Is your OS fully up-to-date (drivers and OS all together)?

Hi @Bastien Montagne (mont29), thanks for asking it.

Being in charge of my company's IT infrastructure, servers and clients including my laptop I do manage all the Windows updates via the Windows Server Update Services on the primary domain controller running Windows Server 2008. So, yes, my OS is updated (last update ran on October 1st). The Nvidia graphics card drivers are updated to version 340.52.

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@Riccardo Giovanetti (harvester) might be the same issue as T42166 too, mind checking it?

I've just tested changing the DPI value, saving preferences, exiting Blender and it doesn't crash. Only when I activate the VBO option Blender crashes on exit.

Same behavior here. Win 7x64, GTX 580. However for me it crashes on exit only after rendering and exit. Disabling VBO stoped crashing.

Fixed with build made on the 17th Hash: 4b42c4b

Hi @John Wise (unity2k), I have just downloaded version Hash: 4b42c4b and with the above described closed environment setup it still crashes on exit with the default opening scene at startup (as described above). If I open an existing .blend project file and then exit an empty [blend-filename].crash.txt file is created inside the \temp directory but no application crash error messages are displayed on screen, which lets you believe that Blender closed properly. At least this is what I am experiencing here.

Hi @Riccardo Giovanetti (harvester) I just tested the newest version on 2 pc's at work and I still have the same problem here. I'm running on GTX 700 series at work and a GTX 570 at home.