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Cannot select objects in wireframe view in object mode.
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System Information
OS X 10.6.8, Radeon X1900

Blender Version
Broken 2.72 Hash:95182d1
Worked with all versions from 2.63-2.71

Short description of error
Cannot select objects in object mode in wireframe view. All object types (I think) are affected, mesh, lamps, curves, etc. Can select all these objects in shaded, textured and rendered views. Can select vertices, edges and faces in wireframe view in edit mode.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
This error is reproducible in every .blend I have opened, including factory reset.
1:Load factory settings.
2:Go into wireframe view.
3:Try to select objects.

Additional info: I recently made this machine dual boot into Windows 7, and experienced this problem in Blender 2.71 and 2.72 (the only Blender versions for Win I have) under Win7, along with other problems, and thought that this was a graphics card driver issue as these problems only occurred under Win7, however after downloading 2.72 for OS X, I have experienced this (wireframe select problem only) with OS X. I posted a query on Blender Stack Exchange to find a quick fix to no avail. Someone with username Brecht commented on this (was it Brecht?) to say it was a driver issue, but was mainly commenting on a cycles problem. This cannot be the issue under OS X as it always worked in versions from 2.71 backwards. That page has been closed, but a screen capture is here.)

Open question - should I have submitted the cycles problems found in the link as a bug?



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That's indeed sounds like an indication of video driver issue. On windows you can try downloading opengl32.dll from and put it next to blender.exe. It'll make blender much slower (because it'll do software emulation of opengl) but it'll eliminate possible interference with buggy drivers. So for the windows issues try it.

For OSX i'm not really sure. Make sure you don't have FSAA enabled. @jens verwiebe (jensverwiebe) might have some ideas here too.

Following the steps to reproduce i also cannot select
any object in wireframe mode. !

So issue confirmed. Investigating ....


Must take my finding back, here it was just my pentablet setting
reset, due factory settings.

Works as expected with mouse.

@OP: what about border or circle select ? ( b or c )
Does this work for you ?


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No news since one week…

This bug also break the 3D-handles in all shading modes. The fix so far is to turn on "OpenGl Select" instead of "Automatic" in User Pref. -> System -> Selection.
My systems that are affected: OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7