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issue with shortcuts
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System Information
win 7 x64

Blender Version
Broken: 2.72 build #439
Worked: 2.72 build #427

Short description of error
problem with shortcut G- translate. Shortcuts was made from scratch in 2.72#427 . I have downloaded build #439 today morning and noticed that "G" does not work ."WTF" I thought?! and.. build #439 made some mess with it. I attach screenshots of the problem.
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
the images say everything. I run build 2.72 #427 and shortcut "G" is as on image. I run build 2.72 #439 and shortcut "G" changes to what is on the image. Making my shortcuts I just turn off translate with LMB/RMB and drag.



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Could you look up the actual commit hashes of the builds #427 and #439? You can see this in the upper right corner of the splash screen (Help > Splash > "Hash: ...")

If possible please attach the startup.blend file you modified in #427. By default this should be in C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.71\startup.blend on windows.

for #427 ee5936c, for #439 560dd93.

I don't get this issue in recent master (rB33f388d) on Linux. Could you please try the latest build and just open this startup.blend to see if the issue has been fixed in the meantime?

Otherwise i can only guess that this is some kind of windows bug ...

I have just checked it with default settings. open blender #427 , turn off translate with LMB/RMB and drag, save user settings, save startup file. close blender #427, open blender #439 and the same problem. mess with translate shortcuts

the same problem with #441 - 33f388d

I don't really understand the issue you have. Could you describe it again, step by step? What exactly do you change, what do you expect to happen, what does happen, ...? And as @Lukas Toenne (lukastoenne) said, please try to test it with some recent builds from
Thanks for reporting @daniel (midan)!

Confirmed, I'll look into it

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I checked the behaviour in 6c2ce7a ( #447), that means in default settings I turned off translate with LMB/RMB and drag, save user settings, run blender version ee5936c and the problem still occurs. The quick solution is, after copy previous settings, just to set once more shortcut for translate "G" , but what if other shortcuts made from scratch in ee5936c, does not work well in next versions.

Should be fixed now by f07cd77 it was issue related to tweaking events. If it still persists please notify here.

it still occurs , checked in 59e2f91

Does it happen with blender 2.73 release?

Actually given that the initial report is not good enough, the information is widely spread out across multiple replies and that the actual blender version has changed, can you edit the initial bug description with clear steps and information on what blender versions you use to save the user preferences and reproduce the error?

Yes, it happens with 2.73a

I have made shortcuts from scratch in ee5936c (version 2.72 #427) because something was wrong with "copying previous" after v 2.71.
Then I downloaded 33f388d (#441) and problem with shortcuts occured. I resolved it in 6c2ce7a (#447), I do not remember if it worked then already or if I just set this one shortcut "G" once more. I work now on 6c2ce7a (#447) with user pref saved in this version but with startup.blend from ee5936c (#427).
What is weird that when I open ee5936c (#427) shortcut G does not work. It does not work with startup.blend from C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.72\startup.blend made with.
I have to drop the same startup.blend to start working ???!!! Or load factory settings and then drop startup.blend or userpref to work.
With the newest version d434815 (2.73 #663) copy previous settings also does not work.
To make it work I have to change by myself shortcut G

and save userpref or drop startup.blend or load factory settings and drop startup.blend or userpref.

and once more startup.blend I use{F139825} ,userpref working/not working

and userpref working ( set shortcut G once more)

This is very confusing. We are obviously not going to support user preferences from intermediate buggy or WIP versions. The use case between saving keymaps in -official- 2.72 and opening in -official- 2.73 or current master looks OK here, so I am not going to reopen this unless the issue is demonstrated for those versions.

A regression is a regression only when it can be shown between latest official version or current master and previous official releases, not intermediate master states.