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Windows Render command line Cycles Crash!
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Windows 7 x64
Tested in several machines.

Broken ba7e504
Worked: about 15 days before, I will update this information.

Blender crash with the classic render command line
Tested on linux, work fine!!!
Cycles engine crash, Internal work fine.

  • Create a new scene with the default cube.
  • Save scene.
  • Make a .bat , example for me MYSCENE.blend -x 1 -o //RENDERS/ -s 1 -e 10 -a
  • Run .bat crash!!!

Thanks a bunch!

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Can confirm the crash. (553ec98 on Windows 7 x64)

blender -b default.blend -x 1 -o /RENDERS/ -s 1 -e 10 -a

Can't redo this bug, tested with a debug build rB5e6d878318515ab777ebc218bb311c7c4e514647 and 2.72b

The system I tested on had no cuda support however.

Hi guys!!! thank you for help us!
The problem appear only in windows, cycles no cuda.

I will try again...

Confirmed, I tested and the bug still alive.


Things to test

  • Does this happen with CUDA/CPU? (try testing different output)
  • If you run blender-app.exe does it work?
  • Does threading setting make any difference?

Thanks a bunch guys!!!