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BGE: the movement of the mouse doesn't works well in the standalone player
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System Information
Windows 7, GTX 570

Blender Version
Blender 2.72

Short description of error

Apply a mouse look actuator at a camera and start the standalone player. The movements aren't always detected,.

To fix the bug i enable "Show Framerate and Profile".

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please attach a sample file (as simple as it may be)

Please use .blend, .zip or simple save the .blend with the compressed option. The 7zip file is not opening correctly here.

The issue is due to the following:

bge has a way to get/set the screen resolution using integers. This way when you want obtain the middle of the screen (i.e 1024x768 --> 512x384) from an odd resolution the final result is rounded (i.e 1025x769 --> 512.5 x 384.5 --> rounded to 513x385). Then you have to add an internal offset to avoid the effects of this rounding. Due to this it seems that the movements are not detected.

I'm trying to find a fix for this.

Bug to be merge with T42097

Fix added to differential: D946

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