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Laplacian Smooth modifier calculated even if object visibility is turned off
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System Information
Win 7 x64

Blender Version
Broken in 1103abd (Gooseberry branch)

Short description of error
Having a laplacian smooth modifier on an object severely slows down armature movement even if the object itself has its visibility turned off. Makes working with armatures affecting multiple objects incredibly tedious.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Add armature to an object, add laplacian smooth modifier, turn off object, adjust armature.



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As usual, please attach a .blend file to help us reproducing the issue…

Hrmmm… so, looks like mod stack of object is updated even if object is not visible… Would say this is expected behavior though (else, if some other object was dependent of hidden one somehow, it would not get updated either, even though visible).

Sergey, Campbell, thoughts?

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This is a limitation of current dependency graph, it uses layer visibility instead of object visibility to distinguish which object the update flag flush should happen. This is because visibility flags could be different for render and viewport and layer visibility is the same.

For now you should just move the heavy object to another layer.

This is a nice feature to support in the new dependency graph, but old one better not to be stressed more.

So thanks for the report, but considering it a TODO.