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Inconsistency in clicking
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Currently, Blender's clicking system is very inconsistent.  As you all know, by default Blender uses RMB to select.  However, the Timeline uses LMB to scrub through frames.  The Outliner uses LMB.  This kind of inconsistency is everywhere.  Once you switch to LMB for selection, you have to right click to go through the frames.  By the way, this is probably in the wrong category, but I'm not supposed to submit to the 'Design' category.:P



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@Computer Guy (Terrance8d), this is well known and is currently being addressed through the keymap revamp. Currently the target is 2.74.

Note, this also isn't a bug, just a series of inconsistencies.

@Jonathan Williamson (carter2422), Okay, thanks for the ETA. Now I'm going to go read that Keymap Revamp task.