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NDOF Support on OSX
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WINDOWS 7 (64 bit)
graphics card: AMD RADEON HE 6450

Blender 2.72b
Broken: ?
Worked: ?

3DConnexion Space Navigator no longer rotates around selection.

I use a 3D mouse: the Space Navigator by 3DConnexion. In Blender 2.64, it no longer worked. I reported this and after much discussion, the problem was solved and it worked fine up to version 2.70. Here's the previous discussion:

In all versions after 2.70, it does not work. I just tested 2.72b and it is still malfunctioning.

It must be that none of the developers use a 3d Mouse, though I don't know why, since they are so useful, especially for modeling and sculpting.

The previous discussion describes in detail how the Space Navigator SHOULD work. I hope someone will again spend some time to make it work that way again. Thanks for your time.

John Howard

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I do not want this "assigned" to me. How do I edit that. I am not a developer - just a user.

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Rotating around the selection is optional,

Preferences -> Input -> NDOF Device: -> [Free | Orbit]

... select "Orbit"


Rather presumptuous of you to assume that I don't know where the settings are to be found. I do, so your response is "Invalid".

Meanwhile I have solved the problem. The Space Navigator's software now interferes with the built-in Blender coding, so the answer is to un-install the Space Navigator software. This is not a problem with 2.70, but is with 2.72b.

Solved. If you have a dictionary, look up 'arrogant' and 'dismissive'.


@John Howard (johnhoward).
We have reports from many less experienced users, so we can't assume reporters know what you might consider *the obvious*.

The change in defaults was intentional, so I thought this is what you were referring to in your original report.

This area is difficult because when I use a 3D mouse, it works fine,
The fact that the space-nav software was causing problems (which I don't use, being on Linux), may well be why I didn't experience the problem.

But no need to be snarky, while handling reports we make mistakes sometimes - if so, just let us know and we can re-open.

At this point I'm, not sure whats best, Should we advise people uninstall space-navigator software on ms-windows to use Blender?

You also have many experienced users, so you shouldn't make assumptions either way. But you did. Then, based on that assumption, you closed the task.

I'm not sure what is best either; perhaps advise others to uninstall the Space Navigator firmware as an experiment to see if that solves their problems. That worked for me using Blender 2.72b in Windows 7. It was news to me that Blender handles the Navigator without any Navigator software. To uninstall the firmware means that some of their new controls are not available, but I'm happy with the way it works now and don't need those changes.

I suppose you should re-open the task if you think it is worth making sure Blender is compatible with the new Navigator firmware. Or perhaps the new firmware features could be added to the Blender code somehow.

I do think, though, that the Navigator is a very valuable tool for Blender and it is worth making sure that it keeps working in future Blender versions.

Yep, I was too quick to close this one, apologies for the brash response - but no need to take it personally.
Setting as a TODO since it seems some compatibility issue we can't simply fix on our side.

  • Could you detail exactly what software/hardware configuration you have?
  • What software exactly did you uninstall to make the device work again? (name, version number etc)

To take a guess - 3D connexion may have some Blender profile which needs to be updated,
I don't have any direct contacts at 3d-connexion so I've messaged them via their technical support about this problem,
interested to see if they can cast some light on the matter.

Added to TODO:

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And now this has been over ten days without any answer…

There has been no reply because I have been traveling for the holidays.

The current drivers for the Space Navigator can be found here:
There is an archive button on that page also for older drivers

I tried the one for 64bit Windows: 3DxWare 10.2.1. It replaced the earlier version: 3DxSotware 3. Version 3 worked until Blender 2.7. As a possible fix, I tried the 3D version 10 and had trouble. In the process of uninstalling, I tried Blender 2.72b and found it worked as usual, but with no 3D software at all.

It was news to me that Blender can drive the Space Navigator with no Space Navigator driver at all.

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@John Howard (johnhoward), thanks for the info,

at this point we need some feedback from 3dconnexion as far as I can see.

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Archiving, theres not much we can do here, someone experiencing the problem needs to contact 3dconnexion.